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Support Le Barth win Travel Leisure’s World Best Awards 2022!

Since our grand opening in 2016, we have worked with total devotion and commitment to you, focusing on offering a unique escape to paradise, a dreamy holiday scenario, and that same dedication is the reason why we have found ourselves in the top hotels in St. Barth and the Caribbean time and time again.

This year, we would be honored to, once more, have your support. So please, let us recall all the reasons why Le Barth is worth it and hopefully, by the end of this narrative, you will find yourself voting for us and helping us make it to the Travel and Leisure Best Hotels lists.

We were

As the world kept changing and everyone’s traveling plans had to adapt to the uncertain dynamic of these past months, we remained. We strived to stay close to you and to offer solutions and hope. A beacon of light.
We exercised our creative mind and designed safe, refined plans for you and your loved ones to visit St. Barth without a care in the world. We reinvented our spaces and renewed our processes, granting a paperless check-in and a protected environment, complying with everything we now know, is essential for a stay to actually be deemed extraordinary.
In our pursuit of perfection, we kept getting better and better, learning and adapting, and eventually found ourselves here. Of course, being the best of the best is an endless path, but certainly one we are proud to walk on every day.

We are

We remain optimistic in the future. As the world is slowly waking up and the restrictions keep lifting, we are getting ready for all the fun we most certainly will have.

Whether it’s a romantic escapade with your beloved on Valentine’s Day, or an adrenaline filled trip with your friends to our local Bucket Regatta, we are ready to meet every single one of your needs.

As you are probably well aware, our main philosophy is Couture Hospitality, a way of crafting stays just your way, tailor-made. Unique. One of the main reasons, if we may say so, that we have found ourselves amongst the Travel and Leisure Best Hotels before.

“We care about you. We want you to be as comfortable as you are while wearing your favorite shoes; to feel embraced, as if you had your favorite jacket on; we want to meet your every need, and top every expectation. Our goal is for you to find a haven right in the heart of the blue Caribbean Sea, in St. Barth.”

We are Couture Hospitality. We are made for you.

We will be (with your help)

Our never-ending energy has brought us here, and we are sure will get us even further. We have amazing plans and endless love for our craft, and for that, we would be honored to have your vote.

It’s because of you and your support that we’ve been named the #1 Resort in St. Barth, and among the best in the world, time and time again.

Additionally, when voting, you will enter Travel Leisure's giveaway for a chance to win a dream trip for two worth $15,000 USD! The perfect way to start your 2022.

So please, give us a vote and help us keep growing and be on Travel and Leisure's Best Hotels list this year. And remember that everyone at Le Barth is waiting for you to visit again, to come back home.

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