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Beyond the Hotel

Things to do in St Barths

Revitalize your curiosity and embark on a journey of discovery to see everything that St Barts has to offer during your island getaway. Recover and relax in our seaside suites and then go outside and start an adventure all of your own.

Wind Surfing

Fill the sails with the refreshing sea breeze, lean back and feel the momentum build underfoot as you glide along the turquoise waters. Wind surfing tops the list for exciting things to do in St Barths. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned skilled surfer, you’ll love the beautiful waters just off the island's coasts. You can also enjoy the on- or off-water instruction from wind surfing lessons, offered for all levels, beginners to pros.




Photo by: Michael Scotto.


Experience the great wide open like never before when you set out on a renowned island hike alongside the St. Barths coastline. You could encounter a peaceful reverie for floating along and passing a lazy day or keep trekking along to witness the powerful forces of nature at another location where the waters churn and crash dangerously against the shores forming wondrous, swirling pools. A caution, not all locations for swimming. There are many things to do at these beautiful natural phenomena. Relax at one pool or come alive at another, whichever you choose, it will be an unforgettable journey.




The crystal-clear waters of St. Barths are a living tourist attraction that you can dive right into. With spectacular reefs in several locations surrounding the white-sand beaches, you’re sure to see dazzling displays of tropical fish that will take your breath away. Float listlessly and marvel at the peaceful natural rhythms of this tropical aquarium.




Experience Exotic Locations in St. Barths

If your ideal day out consists of more exclusivity, there are several secluded and private beaches along the coast of St. Barths. Journey to one of the tucked away, lesser known pristine beaches to truly get away from it all and unplug in a tropical paradise. Visit locations where the water is calm, practically inviting you in for a refreshing swim underneath the tropical sun.

Scuba Diving

Feel the exhilaration of exploration as you dive under the surface to uncover the treasures that lie beneath. St Barts is surrounded by the Nature Reserve of Saint Barthélemy, a beautiful marine reserve that houses bountiful reefs bustling with sea life. Journey to the ocean floor to see the flora and fauna or choose a wreck dive at one of the ship wrecks around the island. Discover an abundance of colorful schools of fish, sea turtles or spotted eagle rays.





Absorb the colors and culture of St Barths on the secluded and untouched Colombier Beach. Accessible only by boat or by taking a rugged hike down a winding trail, this beach is still commonly known as “Rockefeller’s Beach”, harking back to the many years that David Rockefeller owned the surrounding property. Our Chef will prepare your lunch. Bring a blanket to enjoy a relaxing picnic on the sand and a soothing dip in the calm waters. This is the essence of island life.



Shopping in Gustavia

Venture to the red-roofed harbor town of Gustavia to enjoy a refreshing drink as you browse through art galleries and shop in a number of chic boutiques. Whether you’re looking for artisan handicrafts, island jewelry or sophisticated fabrics and alluring textures, you’ll find the latest trends for a discerning taste in the island boutiques of the harbor just ten minutes from the hotel.


Would you like to try an adventure not listed here?

Visit our concierge desk upon arrival and we will tailor an itinerary of adventures and outings based on your preferences and desires. There are numerous exciting things to do in St Barts, from kite surfing to diving to the ocean floor, our team will ensure you have the holiday of your dreams as you discover St Barts.

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