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  • Spirit of St Barths

  • Spirit of St Barths

  • Spirit of St Barths

  • Spirit of St Barths

  • Spirit of St Barths

  • Spirit of St Barths

  • Villa Aqua & Villa Bleu

  • Villa Aqua & Villa Bleu


It begins with the story of a small hotel and its legendary restaurant, that would go on to transform the then uninhabited and wild Grand Cul De Sac to a wonderful beachside retreat, enjoyed by clients and locals alike. For the owners of Le Barthélemy, the Grand Cul de Sac hotel was inspirational. It evoked a warm elegance, a local authenticity and a stunning beachfront setting. They were determined to recreate that same feeling for a new generation of visitors.

Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa has emerged in the same inspiring location.

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Le Barthélemy is refined yet fresh, possessing a timeless elegance that is as alluring and restorative as its crescent-shaped beachfront. Here, we believe caring for our guests begins with a deep respect for their time and so we are passionate of this most precious asset, discreetly setting the stage for moments with family and friends, lovers and self that will always be remembered.


It starts with a warm welcome and a commitment to make your priorities ours. This is your home. Take a breather.

It’s our home too, which is why we take care to preserve our environment and enhance our natural surroundings. Le Barthélemy is part of the Nature Reserve of St. Barts, dedicated to preserving the natural environment of the island and maintaining its flora and fauna. Simple observations make it easy for our guests to share the beauty and bounty of St. Barts with sea turtles, starfish, colorful corals and more.

Authenticity is our guiding principle.  


Welcome home. Our dedicated and passionate team is here to make your stay in St. Barts unforgettable. Our expertise and local know-how can transform your experience. So whether you’re seeking the perfect spot to capture a sunset, a boutique sale or to swim in the natural pools, we’re here for you.

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At Le Barthélemy, we provide the perfect backdrop for every event.

At Le Barthélemy, we provide the perfect backdrop for every event.

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