Haute Couture Concierge

Experience a tailor-made stay

It’s our human-centered philosophy to offer you service that makes you feel your very best.  While decorum and tradition have their place, we prefer to do things your way and have empowered our team to deliver service that delights and surprises, offering suggestions and solutions as unique you.
  • Offering a Unique Care

    We aim to exceed your expectations

  • Offering Unique Attention

    We pay special attention to every detail


    Serena – Haute Couture Concierge

    A unique holiday is defined by exclusive attention to detail and a level of expertise that only Serena can provide. Her creative nature and vast professional background in Hospitality Management grant a stay with no limits.

    Thanks to being a globetrotter, Serena draws inspiration from the most beautiful, most recognizable places around the world. But as a real islander, born in Guadeloupe, her deep knowledge of St. Barts and Caribbean culture promise a fresh stay with tropical vibes all around.

    Truly, the best of both worlds.

    Whatever you wish to make out of your stay, Serena is ready to meet every single one of your requests with a kind smile and the best suggestions to make your dream come true.

    Your Haute Couture Concierge provides services that simply make you feel at your very best

    Private and Commercial Flights

    to get to St Barts
    Private Yachts

    available for you to explore the island

    four our foodies Guests & Friends
    Spa Treatments

    in our holistic haven
    Watersports Center & Activities

    (Yoga, Hiking, Quad Tour..)
    Car Rental

    to stroll around & discover St Barts

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    Your safety and well-being are always our top priority. Our commitment to your well-being, learn more about our approach here.


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