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Couture Hospitality: a promise of the extraordinary

Everybody has a favorite outfit. Clothes that are just easy to slip into. An attire that makes you feel comfortable and confident, as if it was made expressly for you. That's what couture hospitality is about: brushing perfection with the tips of your very own fingers, experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime happening, indulging in a unique stay carefully crafted to meet every single request, and excel.

It’s about making things your way. We care about you. We want you to be as comfortable as you are while wearing your favorite shoes; to feel embraced, as if you had your favorite jacket on; we want to meet your every need, and top every expectation. Our goal is for you to find a haven right in the heart of the blue Caribbean Sea, in St. Barts.

To think of Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa as your home.

We created couture hospitality just for you. Let us walk you through this exciting new concept.
Haute Couture Concierge service, expertise within reach
A customized stay is an artful affair. Carefully planned and expertly executed, it depends 100% on the skillful hands that see it through. Here in St. Barts, a known Caribbean paradise, the vibe for an unforgettable, top-notch stay is already setted –with the cool ocean breeze, the clean blue sky above, and the soft warm sand beneath. Even so, there’s also a huge part of a true couture experience that depends on a perfect service.
Having a reliable expert is a must when we talk about boutique experiences. All that glitters is not gold, but every single precious detail of life does add to an unforgettable experience. Therefore, in order to trust someone else with your carefully planned vacation, that person must be able to provide a gracious concierge service.

Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa’s impeccable concierge service shines with its own light. It’s something worthy of having its own new particular category. Couture hospitality, after all, is what defines every single stay in this wonderful Caribbean wonderland, right on the heart of St. Barts.

At Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa, our masters in hospitality and haute couture experiences are Serena and Michael.

Serena’s creative nature and vast professional background in Hospitality Management grant a stay with no limits. Thanks to being a globetrotter, she draws inspiration from the most beautiful, most recognizable places around the world. But as a real islander, born in Guadeloupe, her deep knowledge of St. Barts and Caribbean culture promise a fresh stay with tropical vibes all around.

Michael is a specialist in pinpointing exactly what could turn your stay into a one-of-a-kind affair. He’s an expert in providing any kind of aid you may need and meets every request with his mind already working on the perfect way to please. A soul born with a sparkle for customer service. He is artful, careful and has a vast experience in concierge services, enough to make your stay feel otherworldly.
It’s all about the little things
The general outline of your holiday experience is important, of course. But the minuscule affairs also have to be taken into account.

In fact, it’s all about the little things. Little things for the little ones.

Any kind of retreat is only as enjoyable as you’re provided to do so, and in Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa we understand this perfectly. While you may be here for a relaxing escapade and, now, waiting for our delightful Haute Couture Concierge service to craft a unique stay for you, your kids are looking for wonder.

Encouraging the youngsters’ wanderlust and helping them enjoy a stay built around hospitality and customized care is as important for us as providing a unique experience for the adults.

Your first encounter with something defines mostly how you’ll feel and experience similar situations through your life. Love for traveling and exquisite taste for the most unique things in life are acquired through experience. That’s why teaching the kids to treat themselves, to recognize a high-end service and enjoy a hidden paradise like the lively St. Barts island is something we’ve also vowed ourselves to do. 

That’s why, for the little ones, we have many unique additions available. According to your kids age, plenty of extra features can be arranged for your room. From an adorable Teddy bear and a Petit Prince kit, to a little bathrobe and slippers.

We also feature plenty of activities for them to enjoy their vacation as its best. Cooking classes, outside treasure hunts and aquatic adventures, special Spa treatments and many more. Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa ensures an unforgettable stay in St. Barths, enjoyable for everyone.
Love is in the details
”Love is in the details”, of course, and we do love details.

That’s the whole couture hospitality ordeal, in fact: taking care of every single detail, every small feat, so you can look back to your stay fondly and eager to return to St. Barts, trusting that Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa will be waiting for you with open arms.

After all, hospitality is our main deal. Our goal is to provide a unique stay for you. To make you feel as comfortable as you are while wearing your favorite shoes; to feel embraced, as if you had your favorite jacket on. To trust us. To confidently believe that our experienced Concierge service will be at the ready to welcome you and deliver a unique experience.

With brighter days ahead of us, we’re waiting for you in this Caribbean paradise, ready to welcome you back home.

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