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St. Barth: the perfect island destination in the Caribbean


St. Barths, Saint Barth, St. Barts...? An island of many names

Named after Bartolomeo Colombo, Christopher Colombus’ brother, the official French name of the island is Saint Barthélemy. Thus, one could conclude that the appropriate way to shorten its name would be something like Saint Barth, but the truth is that the island has a huge international reputation and therefore, receives different nicknames. Perhaps the most popular one would be St. Barth. That’s the one you’re most likely to find in touristic websites and travel agencies, but it also leans more towards the way a native French speaker would shorten the name. If, however, you’re an English native speaker, you’ll most likely write it St. Barths, adding an “s”, or maybe even getting rid of the “h” (St. Barts). The styling of the nickname depends on the language we are already familiar with, and the sounds and structures we know. But all of them are correct, of course! That’s the wonderful thing about nicknames: they’re born out of love, out of our innate need to make people and things feel closer to us. So feel free to call it however you want and let us tell you all the wonders of the island. Let us tell you why St. Barths is worth loving, why it’s worth nicknaming.

A narrative on the island: Saint Barth through its details

As an overseas collectivity of France, Saint Barth has details of European culture spread out all over the island, such as its official language –French; the exquisite taste in all aspects: the gastronomy; the chic, fashionable style in its buildings, decoration and display.
Its botanical life is rich in cacti, succulents and palm trees, and during the rainy season, even more greenery makes an appearance on the island, offering a unique landscape, colorful wherever you look.

Marine life is also vibrant, with dolphins, sea turtles and whales swimming in its sparkling waters and in-between the coral reefs all around it. The island is also rich in myth and fantasy-like stories, as it was also considered a pirate island, back in the day. Aye, just as you read it, lad, around the early 1700s, Saint Barth was home of pirate trades and tales. That is, until the late 1700s, that its capital became a free port in the hands of the British.Speaking of Gustavia, the capital city, it has mixed architectural influence.

Since the island was colonized by the French, but later went through Spanish, Swedish, British and finally, French administration again, the buildings are a prime reflection of its colonial history.These details make the island unique and iconic, and thanks to visionary people that were able to see its extreme potential and attractiveness, we can fully enjoy it today as the paradise it is.

”St. Barths is heaven on Earth”

You’ve probably read that somewhere else. It’s a phrase commonly paraphrased and found on reports about the island. Whether you’re reading a blog, a summary, a review, or even casting your own opinion, you’re more likely to find that phrase in someone else’s words or even yours. But what makes it so special?

Aside from all the wonders that we discussed earlier, the island has a wide offer regarding entertainment options. From top-tier gourmet cuisine spots to chic shopping places; from astonishingly beautiful viewpoints atop hills to private little nooks in white-sanded beaches, St. Barths has it all.

Whether you decide to begin your day peacefully with a seaside yoga session, kick-start your shopping trip by walking downtown to visit the shops, or explore for miles, you’ve got to trust the island to deliver. After all, it kind of is paradise on Earth. But, if you still haven’t decided to visit our beautiful island, if you’re still hesitating, maybe knowing that there’s a place ready and waiting for you will do the trick.
Maybe, being assured that Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa has everything to offer a unique stay in is all you need. Here, you will find a real haven, a refuge dedicated to freedom, space and privacy, safely secluded from the rest of the world. Trust us to offer a once in a lifetime experience.

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