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St. Barts diving: discover the underwater world


St. Barts diving: discover the underwater world

Surrounded by sparkling blue waters, located right on the Atlantic Ocean, the island is an ideal destination when thinking about aquatic adventures. Amongst the many things to do in St. Barthelemy, enjoying the vibrant sea life is a must. With its abundance in both flora and fauna, it’s waiting and ready for you to enjoy a unique nature getaway.

Indulge us for a minute and enjoy the following narrative, recreating a day you may be able to enjoy in the future, if you ever decide to go St. Barts diving.

St. Barts Underwater World: Almost a Fairy Tale

Imagine waking up, slowly blinking sleep away, and hearing the crashing waves as a faraway echo, as a first thing in the morning. Imagine getting up, breathing in and walking towards the balcony, where the fresh ocean breeze and salty scent of the ocean await for you.

You feel it, the ocean reeling you in. The siren’s call of the adventure, of what you may discover below the water. And as it cries for you, as it beckons you in, you surrender to the allure of the unknown. Hook, line and sinker.

Since you made up your mind –today, you’ll explore the islands sub-aquatic world, hoping to enjoy the best snorkeling in Caribbean destinations of your life. So you gather all the gear you may need and fully equipped and ready to explore, you go on with your adventurous day.

You may kick-start your nature getaway by swimming in one of the local beaches, such as Lorient, where you’ll make acquaintance with the many sea turtles that live on the island. Amongst the many things to do in St. Barthelemy, swimming with turtles is one of the most relaxing activities there are. Their unconcerned, swift way of moving, almost like flying, is enticing. No one will blame you if you decide to spend the rest of your day by their side, enjoying yourself and indulging in their calmness.

Of course, should you choose to move on to your next destination, you may also snorkel in the Anses –Anse de Grand-Cul-de-Sac, Anse Marigot and Anse Maréchal. These sites overflow with rich sea life, featuring a nice variety of fish and corals in the reef areas. Reds, greens, pinks and yellows. With this much underwater life all around, you’ll definitely enjoy one of the best snorkeling in Caribbean experiences ever, feeling a little bit closer to the ocean, maybe even closer to the familiar mermaid childhood fairy tales.
However, if you live by the “go big or go home” motto, if you like a more scientific approach in a nature getaway, then you may want to discover the island’s natural reserve, a protected area covering 1200 hectares of marine environments in 5 sectors of the territory: Gros Îlets and Pain de Sucre off Gustavia harbour; the waters surrounding the islets Fourchue, Frégate and Île Toc Vers; and part of Colombier bay.

Morethan 40 coral species call this natural reserve home, alongside with starfish, shellfish, a few sea turtles and more than 150 species of fish. Colorful all around, this natural reserve is a must, regarding all the things to do in St. Barthelemy. A promising hotspot, should you choose to take pictures and capture its beautiful, natural essence.

If you’re feeling daring, you may even visit St. Barts between February and May, hoping to see whales and dolphins. These wonderful animals, smart and social like no other, visit during mating season. So get on a boat and sail towards the horizon! And perhaps, if you’re lucky, they may even come close enough for you to stare into their eyes and discover a bit more of the wonders that may be living in the depths. Definitely, a top-tier ending to one of the best snorkeling in Caribbean destinations trip.

So you did it. You spent your day enjoying St. Barts diving, thriving and discovering the underwater world of the island. Spent and content, you return to your room and wonder if maybe… you should do it all over again tomorrow?

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