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Top your date night with a romantic dinner at a St. Barts Restaurant

That’s why anniversaries, engagement parties and even day-to-day dates are extremely important. They’re a declaration of intent made to yourself, your partner and maybe even the universe or anyone else who may be around: I’m here because I love this person and I love myself by their side.Finding the perfect romantic setting to make this declaration, to celebrate the fact that you two found each other can be quite hard. Nonetheless, there are some special places around the world where magic is in the air all year round, and St. Barts restaurants are certainly one of those.So please, let us share with you this small narrative in which we recreate what a romantic evening at Le Barth could be. 

 A narrative of romance and love

Picture yourself. Fresh out of a wonderful day of fun in the sun, spent exploring St. Barts and indulging in a vacation quite like no other. If you close your eyes, you can almost still feel the salty breeze of the ocean on your face and the warm sand beneath your feet.The sun is setting, though, and you have to get ready for nightfall.So you find yourself back at Le Barth, inside your room, preparing for what you know will be photoshoot-worth romantic evening.
Maybe you and your partner can take a walk by the shoreline and discover the beach by night: it’s new sounds, different colors and maybe even meet a new friend on a charming little crab taking a walk, too.
It could also be the case that you prefer to hit the streets and enjoy the island’s nightlife. You may find a bar o go dancing, maybe even decide to acquire some nice souvenirs to remember this romantic escapade by.Or perhaps you decide to take it slow and indulge in each other, a lazy afternoon with a perfect ending: a romantic dinner in the best St. Barts restaurant, enjoying the company of your most favorite person in the entire world.Amis, our soon-to-be renewed mediterranean restaurant is the perfect setting for such plans. The warm colors that can be found in its décor and the greenery strategically placed all around dote it with a welcoming atmosphere and comfy demeanor. Not to mention that everyone involved in making your dinner a unique affair is more than enthusiastic about it.If we may say so, we believe that a romantic dinner has to be a part of your romantic escapade to St. Barts. We’re certain that it’ll be amongst the highlights of your stay.

 Amis St. Barts: mediterranean restaurant in the Caribbean

As we’ve stated before, our brand restaurant Amis is under reinvention, and will soon reopen it’s doors with a brand new concept:Amis St. Barts, where the warmth of the Mediterranean is celebrated in our beautiful food, stylish seaside setting and caring embrace of visitors who arrive as guests and leave as family.Our style of unhurried hospitality makes Amis the perfect spot whether you pop in for a glass of champagne or spend an evening at the table. Like long conversations and laughter with the best of friends, Amis sparkles with possibility.So stay tuned for our grand reopening in October 28th. Discover our new mediterranean restaurant and remember that sparkling starts here.

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